Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dirty Facts Of Life Or The Facts Of Life Go Lesbo

The news is so full of ridiculous things, no less being a remake in soft porn of that lousy sitcom, The Facts of Life from the 80s as Dirty Facts of Life. Now the fact that it was lousy is just my personal opinion; however, the fact that they decided to remake it as a lesbian porn film - they call it spicy - is just ludicrous.

Have they run out of things to remake? I realize that most good films have been made over by the porn filmographers, but they've got to be pretty desperate to drag this out of oblivion.

Anyway, ET online is who brought this to my attention, so I thought I'd share. Below is the promo video that was shown on ET. No sooner had it shown that it appeared on YouTube - of course!!! If you liked The Facts of Life, I apologize in advance if I insulted you.

Here's what ET had to say:
ET takes you inside the new adult film spoof of the '80s TV sitcom "The Facts of Life." Click to learn why the three sexy boarding school beauties -- playing Blair, Natalie and Tootie -- were anxious to take on this project with their dormitory housemother!

The cast members tell ET that researching their roles was easy because they were fans of the sitcom and said they watched past episodes in an attempt to be true to the original characters.

So there you are. The Dirty Facts of Life has come alive for those who like watching and loved the sitcom, The Facts of Life.